Monday, July 16, 2012

revamped CAO form

Applied a number of updates to the RASC Toronto Centre web site Carr Astronomical Observatory booking request form.

The form now prompts for a couple of additional fields, namely, Mobile Phone, Names of Guests, and Need SFM. Some fields were mandatory. I made the Number of Guests so where I don't think it was before. The new Need SFM is required. Cleaned up the layout. Deep-sixed the nasty FONT HTML tag. After something blew up and I had to redo everything, I deployed a custom email form response with the plain text option.

This gave me an opportunity in the automatic response email to make little remarks, comments, etc. I remind members to provide a phone number. I remind people that said they have an annual pass to bring it... And I advise that if they need to cancel or change their reservation to send an email. Did a bit of branding in the email form! The form response used to go to a dynamically created web page which was weird looking, plain, bad fonts. Now I point to an "internal" page which uses the regular web site template. So a good look and feel. And since it is internal, it is readily changed.

Still a few loose ends to sort...

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