Tuesday, July 24, 2012

park observing (Toronto)

Attended the RASC Toronto Centre city observing session (or whatever Stu calls them now) at High Park! First time in a long time. I had really wanted to go, I had the time, I thought it chance to meet new member David, and ensure he had some company.

I thought it important to have a good showing, so I set about directly rounding up others to join me. Asked Ed T, John B, the Horvatins, Mark, Peter H, Jim, and Kiron. Told people via the listserv that I'd show. It was a reasonable turnout, in the end: Grace and Tony, David R, Mahesh, and myself. David A, unannounced, made an appearance. Mr A. lives in the 'hood, on Kennedy. Cool!

I even tried to get my buddy Ken to visit. But he pulled the plug at the last minute. Neither did Grace's friend visit.

We had a ton of walk-throughs. And a few hangers-on! We might have converted a couple of them. Perhaps we'll see on August 1.

The lights above the sports fields were shut off fairly early. Yeh!

We viewed the Moon, Saturn, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Alcor, Sidus Ludovicianum, Mizar A and B, M13, Albireo, 95 Herculis, Sargas, Tim Horton star, Ring Nebula, M7, Butterfly cluster, M5, plus a couple of others. Tried for the Turtle nebula and M101 without success. We finished on the Garnet Star.

Fun night.


David said he really enjoyed the event. He appreciated the great views and guidance.

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