Sunday, April 01, 2012

visited Louise and Geoff

At last, I finally made it to Geoff's place outside of Coldwater. I can see how it offers dark skies. Interesting house. I really enjoyed the main room with the huge windows.

We had a lovely visit on the way to the SNO. It was for fun and a bit of "business." They provided a tasty lunch. We had brought dessert (made by Lora). For me, it was the longest time spent with Louise. Pleasure getting to know her better. Charming. And a talented artisan. Geoff gave us a sneak peek of his upcoming astronomy-related e-book.

I returned Geoff's repaired CPC 1100. He was very happy.

Geoff gave us some RASC archival materials.

I got to hold some of Mars! Now that was cool. And some solar system asteroids. Wicked.

Sharmin took lots of photos, of course. Added them to the "hi ho hi ho" gallery on Facebook.

Then we carried on to Sudbury, for the SNO LAB trip...

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