Thursday, April 05, 2012

rode with Ostap

Ostap wants to visit the CAO more often, to work in his POD. But, at the same time, with family, and kids, and busy summer weekends, he's pressed for time. He's cut a deal, it seems, with the home crew. He'd like to head up to the observatory on Thursday nights; and return on Saturday. The crazy shift work project I'm on right now, that timing meshes.

7:45 PM. Ostap finally arrived! Heh. He told me to be ready to leave before 7.

Oh. He had a son in tow. Another in the mini-van. Had to curb some discussion... I don't know why but I had assumed it would just be us. And he probably assumed I would know he'd be bringing small humans.

Dinner at Super Burger. Yuk. They obviously like it. Forgot how much I don't. Two mistakes with my order. Screwed up other ones, the people in front and behind. Sheesh. How can you mess up a burger order?! FUMTU?!

We discussed returning plans. He's got to leave mid-day Saturday. I'll have to ask Dietmar when he's planning to return. I'd like to stay to Sunday...

He's an... interesting driver. Made me nervous. And it takes a lot. I started watching the road for him. If a deer had leaped out, he'd never have a chance.

10:30 PM. We arrived the CAO (without incident).

It was cool on the mountain...

Millie and Dietmar were already there. They arrived at 4:00 PM.

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