Monday, April 09, 2012

solar filter designed

Sent out my big bins solar filter sketches to the CAO Comm and Ralph for some feedback. I want their blessing that the design is safe.

Hopefully they'll approve it. Certainly it is simple, cheap, easy to use, and effective.

Forwarded some random thoughts as well:
  • this is for the big binoculars at the CAO for the ToV event in June
  • a form core design with two sheets and solar film sandwiched is very inexpensive and easy to build with off-the-shelf supplies
  • foam core panel oversized to block sunlight for observer at oculars
  • clips to be taped to binoculars body to prevent accidental removal
  • solar film to be taped and glued between foam core sheets
  • warning labels on front and rear of foam core
  • finder scope will be removed to prevent accidents
  • Geoff Gaherty is sending me a spare piece of solar film 


They liked it!

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