Friday, September 02, 2011

drive-in theatre

After a yummy lasagna dinner by Lora, we discussed plans for the evening. It was looking cloudy. A pleasant evening, few bugs, warm, but overcast. Perfect for watching a movie—outside.

We elected to use the garage and it's large white door for our movie screen.

Lora, Phil, Kiron, and I hauled the Paramount laptop computer and BenQ projector over to in front of the garage. We closed the main door. We found a wire spool to serve as a table. Dug out an extension cord. Phil produced a squid for our various power needs. I grabbed my portable USB self-powered speakers. We moved lawn and deck chairs. Brought out some treats and beverages. And we hooked everything up. Woo hoo! Lookin' good!

Phil showed us the movies he had (randomly?) selected from his local library. We voted and chose one. Something none of us had seen. A crime drama. Untraceable. Kinda creepy actually. Maybe not the best movie for a fun, casual evening...

Still, it was wonderful being outside. Awesome, in fact!


Every once in a while, I looked skyward. And increasingly saw stars. It was clearing...

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Anonymous said...

That was a great idea - thank you. Hopefully we can do that again but be a bit more selective over the choice of movie!