Sunday, April 10, 2011

packing up

The storms had passed. The lightning had stopped. The Sun came out.

In the light of day, down at the garage, before I tore down the telescope, Lex and I tried to fit her Canon t-ring to the visual back of the Celestron. No joy. Wouldn't fit. Wrong size and/or thread.

(Hours later, I suddenly remembered I had a t-adapter with a removeable t-ring or t-mount. I wondered where it was. I hadn't seen it for a long time...)

Alexa and I considered the logistics of getting the telescope to her island on the east coast. It would actually be easier in the winter. But, if we could find a regular canoe or cargo canoe, then we'd be good to go in the summer. It would be so dark...

As we left, Marion handed me the green laser of death. I don't recall where I had put it but clearly not in my luggage.

Bill said, "You can bring the telescope any time you want."

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