Saturday, April 30, 2011

java with Manuel

I had offered, some time back, to help Manuel with his telescope gear. He wanted someone to double-check his polar alignment as well as the collimation of his OTAs. Finally, when I posted I had a bit of red film left, he said he wanted to buy some.

We met up at his place. He's not too far away, near Park Lawn. Unfortunately clouds moved in. So, we could not play with telescopes. But that didn't stop us from getting a lot done. We talked about astronomy, RASC, the CAO, astrophotography, cool down times, light pollution, dew prevention, coffee, collimation, and Cartagena.

There was definitely something amiss with his M13 image. But that was before repairs to his mount.

He also took a couple of square feet of red film, for his laptop and smart phone.

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