Friday, April 08, 2011

delivered TSTM for Apr-May

I delivered The Sky This Month presentation for the RASC Toronto Centre at the Ontario Science Centre on the evening of April 6. I designed it to go to the next Recreational Astronomy Night meeting, which turned out to be more than 1 month away. I just uploaded the notes to the Centre web site, along with a downloadable PDF file for the calendar.

The highlights:
  • opportunities to see the Lunar Straight Wall
  • Saturn is well-placed for evening observing or imaging at a reasonable hour
  • main event is when a gaggle of planets group close together at the end of April and into May
  • celebrate human space exploration in April, Yuri Gagarin's launch into low Earth orbit, the final flight of the Endeavour space shuttle
  • celebrate the anniversary of the "telescope," as well as amazing new discoveries by Hubble and Kepler


Tony said that he had a hard time reading the text in the slides from the extreme right of the auditorium, up fairly high, given the lighting.

I was a little worried about that. I'll have to increase the contrast of the body text font...


Link killed. Look on the lumpy darkness companion site's presentations page.

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