Friday, July 16, 2010

quiet here

Arrived at the CAO to find everything closed up. All the outside lights off.

Two cars in the driveway.

GBO was closed. There were some clouds, yes. But the clear bits looked good! The Milky Way was bright. It was an interesting perspective, with Earth-based clouds, low in the southern horizon, blocking our the centre of the galaxy, like dark nebula, like dense dust clouds.

The house was closed. And locked! I fumbled with my keys for a while in the darkness before I successfully unlocked the backdoor.

Four pairs of shoes by the door mat.

Quiet. Nobody up.

I seriously considered firing up the observatory. But I didn't know if the weather was going to improve or not. I was tired. It wouldn't be a good idea to pull an all-nighter. It would take me a while to unload the car, load the fridge, prep a bed. Had no idea if the GBO was configured yet. I conceded that booking an additional night would give me another chance later.


Oh. It was Wingko's car... according to the guest book.

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