Sunday, March 08, 2009

Union omnirama

I shot photos from Mom's backyard. I stood on the west end of the concrete pad, soon to be Mom's completed "studio/observatory."

I went inside to download the photos. Weird. One of them wouldn't transfer. And finally when I previewed them, they were all messed up. Some strange striping within them. Corrupted... For a moment, I was worried the memory card was damaged. But, happily, the photos of Donna, Mom, and Steve, shot at dinner the night before, were fine. Huh. Downloaded the good photos and turfed the rest. Was ready to head back outside but now it was raining...

A couple of hours later the rain let up. I snagged a good batch of photos. I shot 43 and used most.

Like before, I used HugIn to stitch all these together. Easy work. Incredible software. Free.

Did some touch-up in GIMP.

Now, I'll be able to simulate views of Mom's backyard. And I think I'll be able to push the landscape image down a bit to accommodate for the height we will be above the ground, on the upper deck of her studio building... (Although, I'll have to change my omnirama from spherical method to "old style" so to have more control in Stellarium.)


It is curious how my old cars keep showing up in these things.

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