Sunday, March 01, 2009

heating pad idea

I just figured out a good application for one of the 12 volt heating pads I have: a warm (and dry) surface for radios and digital recorders.

I stumbled across these large, 10x10", thin, self-adhesive heating pads at Sayal. Cheap, I've picked up a couple. But I haven't come up with any really practical uses for them.

Last night though, I saw that the Samsung digital recorder's LCD display was not working in the extreme cold. Same with the Grundig radio's display. They were sluggish or non-responsive. It's not difficult to imagine that these displays could be damaged in even colder temperatures.

Thinking ahead, in the middle of the summer, there might be a lot of dew. A lot of moisture on the radio or recorder would not be good.

So, I'll rig up one of these heating pads with some long leads and a male Cigarette Lighter Adapter plug.


Some sort of fabric cover over this thing might be a good idea. Removeable. Washable. Fire resistant. ;-) But I'll worry about that later...

In the meantime, perhaps I'll just use an old cloth, or towel. Wash cloths might be the perfect size...

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