Friday, March 13, 2009

back in business

Me, that is.

Popped into the nerve centre at Kendrick, the back section of the floor, behind the empty showroom, behind the "office" of cubicle partitions. The workshop was populated by three people. One of the men, the son of Jim, guided me to the back office. The woman, Jim's wife I presume, helped me with my purchase.

Forgot my debit card but fortunately I had enough cash in my wallet.

While concluding the transaction, I asked about the new dual channel controller. She took one out of its wrapping and showed me. Very compact. And confirmed that 2 of the 4 outlets are on separate circuits, so you can control the temperature (rather, the pulse width modulation) for each channel. That's smart.

Anyway, I am up and running again with this new 2" heater. Woo hoo!

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