Friday, January 09, 2009

strap for big tripod

My "small" Manfrotto tripod came with a nice strap. It directly screws into the base, just under the head. The other end of the strap lassos around the legs. Great system, simple, easy to use, not obtrusive.

I have a "huge" metal tripod that was given to me some time back. Awkward to carry about, heavy and long. But excellent for supporting the binoculars. It has a Manfrotto head with quick-release hexagonal receiver. I don't actually who made the base. No matter... or so I thought.

I popped into the Henry's at Hurontario & Eglinton after work to see if they had a strap system like the one on my small tripod. They did. Model #102, in silver. Not cheap, unfortunately. But then, the tripod was free...

Almost lost the screw that is to attach to the base on the way home!


On a whim, while in the store, I checked out the battery turnstile. Ah ha! I found an Energizer PX625U! This is the unusual battery type for my old light meter (but in a modern alkaline formula). Awesome. Cheap. In stock.

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