Friday, January 16, 2009

no mount in mount

Finally got 'round to inspecting the large tripod in anticipation to attaching the new Manfrotto carrying strap. After I retrieved the heavy metal tripod from the garage, I saw that there was not a receptacle in the side of the base, like on my small Manfrotto 'pod! Damn. The guy in the store had asked me if I had a Manfrotto tripod. I didn't think it would matter if the base was not technically the correct make.

Now what? Return to Henry's and get a refund? And try to find something with double lassos, like I had seen up at the CAO last summer?

Or... could I simply hack the tripod?! The metal in the base looked substantial, thick, sturdy. A hole could be drilled and then it could be tapped. Only problem: I didn't have the tools. But maybe Tony or Charles could help...

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