Tuesday, January 13, 2009

near GEE (Mississauga)

Venus was to be at greatest elongation, in the east, after sunset, tomorrow night. But the weather forecast was not looking good...

Tonight, it was suddenly clear! That was quite a change from the morning. In fact the entire day's weather was weird: snow storms, squalls, battered Ontario during my 6:00 AM trek to Mississauga; at lunch the temperature was still high making for slushy goo; by dusk, the temp was plummeting, puddles gelling; but the clouds were gone, vanished!

I enjoyed Venus very high up in the sky as I left work. Burning bright as I did some errands near Hurontario and Eglinton. Intense white against a darkening sky.

I sent a text to Malcolm to tell him to check it out. When he arrived, I asked if he had received my message. He didn't have that phone with him. Doh! Before he took his coat off, I sent him outside. He pegged it.

After dinner, 90 minutes later, as we emerged from the restaurant, I just knew that it would still be visible. It would have to be, given the elongation from the Sun. Took me a second to spot it, shifting further away from the building, but the sightline to the horizon permitted a good view. There she was... about 15° up now. Like a beacon.

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