Friday, December 12, 2008

what's with small orgs?

What is it with small organisations?

Why are they so unusually political?

I've worked at federal government branches (e.g. Health and Welfare) and provincial branches (e.g. Food and Agriculture). I've worked at public (e.g. IBM) and private companies (e.g. Mother's Restaurants). I've helped volunteer organisations at various levels, from within (e.g. the Saab Owners' Club of Canada as a director; Computer Trainers Network as president) and outside the executive (e.g. RASC Toronto Centre as webmaster). I think I can fairly say, I've seen lots of levels of company strata, levels,

No matter where I've travelled, I've seen or experienced or been subjected to politicking. But there seems to be an inverse relationship: smaller the organisation, the more the political mess.

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