Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It was Guy's idea. Really!

Guy and I were talking, either at a RASC meeting, or perhaps it was when he dropped of the collimation tools. I was explaining that I needed to fabricate some sort of tube for Mom's telescope in order to use the 4mm eyepiece, to get the eyepiece further away from the focuser. He said that he used a plumbing extension tube, the kind used under a sink. Huh.

So today I visited the plumbing section of Canadian Tire. I found a drainage 6" slip-joint extension tube. It has an outer diameter of 1¼" at the bottom end. This will fit in the focuser. The upper end is slightly flared to accept a 1¼" at tube, presumbly from a sink. This is where I will insert an eyepiece. It also has a large nut and a rubber washer. This makes a good friction fit for an eyepiece.

While not very elegant, this should prove useful.

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