Wednesday, December 31, 2008

one of two (Toronto)

Shawn sent out a reminder to check the "double conjunction." That was at around 4:30.

I immediately checked Stellarium with my back yard omnirama. It showed Mercury and Jupiter below the tree line! Bah!

I headed outside in my pajama bottoms, shirt with fleece sweater, winter boots, toque. From the back yard, near to the garage, I could easily spot the stunning Venus and Moon. I scanned the horizon with my binoculars for bright points but... nothing. I decided to try from the front of the house.

The wind vectored between the houses. Holy cow it felt cold! I scanned again from the street between the house and the school. Nothing low.

Quickly, I headed back inside.


Courtney emailed me later from her Dad's BlackBerry asking what the bright point was near the Moon.

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