Wednesday, October 06, 2021

redid the tube

It worked!

After a lot of tests and trials of OpenSCAD and MeshMixer, I had a rethink. I believe it was during my catch-up chat with Ward, while trying to demystify meshes and solids, that I decided to redo Alister's focuser tube from scratch in TinkerCAD.

Not trivial. Took me some time, some YouTube videos and 3D design tutorial pages, to learn The "Tinker" Way of doing things.

Celestron First Scope focuser tube from TinkerCAD

This is version 1. Overall it's good but I want to redo the tube.

The inner threads don't look deep enough. I need to make the cutter 1 mm bigger I think. 

Also the edges of the tube are not chamferred. I didn't think this possible in the new tool but I learned today how to do it. 

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