Saturday, October 02, 2021

learned the parts separated

Yesterday, I received an email from Alister! 

I was starting to wonder what had happened. Hadn't heard from him for a while about his Celestron First Scope focuser tube issue. 

Had he dropped off the edge of the Flat Earth...?! Did he not care any more? Had he thrown the whole telescope in a big round bin? Had he found someone nearby to help? Had he bought the replacement part from Celestron? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... oh... ha ha. That was a good one!

I was rather pleased to hear from him. He shared that he had finally discovered the misplaced parts. Two different boxes, he said. He included some measures.

The best news was made abundantly clear in the attached photo.

Celestron First Scope focuser tube parts

The focuser tube was a two-part item! Yes! 

I immediately took mine apart. Easy. Look at that!

A whole bunch of problems went away, dissolved with this photo. The tube part proper, it's construction in a 3D model tool, now got a lot easier. Alister would not have to drill and tap a collar piece. That he found his meant I didn't have to do anxiety-inducing exploratory surgery on mine (although it probably would have been moot).

Measured the outer diameter of the threaded part of the collar with my trusty ole' micrometer, twice: 35.5 mm. Double-checked the inner diameter of the tube: 35.0 mm.

I could now finish the 3D design... Onward and upwards.

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