Thursday, November 12, 2020

helped with RAN-try 2

Helped with the RASC Toronto Centre Recreational Astronomy Night meeting, backstage, round 2.

Yesterday we tried to run the RAN event on the scheduled time. After a panicked regrouping due to a conflicting event in the Zoom account, we started to live-stream, into the abyss... YouTube had a major failure that prevented live streams and new uploads. We even tried to switch entirely to Zoom but more problems ensued. Schlanger. After all that work, we could not pull it off.

Someone made the executive decision and we reset. Everyone was available. We updated everyone on social media.

What at demanding, difficult, nerve-wracking situation!

Tonight we had a glitch, our fault this time, but we got through it after rebooting a computer, and pressed on. It worked. Even the president arrived, mid-way, and I did not have to stand in.



Raw video available on the RASC TC YouTube channel.

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