Wednesday, November 25, 2020

found another link error in the Journal

I downloaded the December 2020 edition the RASC Journal.

Looks like another great issue and I look forward to reading many of the articles. There is a big one on light pollution that looks amazing. That should be very informative.

cover of the December 2020 Journal
But I was very disappointed on reviewing my Binary Universe column article. Once again, the hyperlink to the software is not working. And this time, it's my fault! Somehow, the target link embedded in the URL shortener hyperlink is broken. There's an extra space character. I don't know how this happened. I thoroughly tested the link. I was trying to avoid a repeating problem when the PDF versions of the Journal are altering the long links that I provide in the original word processor document. I was trying to avoid the problem and I made it worse!

Do not use:

Copy and paste the Google Play store link below into your browser. Please use:

Or click the hyperlink version below:

Breathe, breathe... No one died. 

In this column, I shared discoveries using Daff Moon, a rich and robust program filled with good astronomical information. I wanted precise Moon lunation age (from the New Moon phase) down to minutes and seconds. It offers much more. Also, it is an astounding application in terms of design. This is how to do it right on a mobile device. I used version 3.00 by Evgeny Fedorischenko on my Android.


James E to the rescue again! Thank you!

He said he'll personally check hyperlinks in future editions.

He told me to avoid shorteners (while confessing they exist in the Handbook).

He said he would repair the current Journal.

He said he'd have a new MailChimp issued.

Thank you very much!


A big shout-out to Kevin the founder of

He fixed the link reference!

He was being awesome.

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