Tuesday, November 24, 2020

checked scripting shortcuts

A participant asked about scripts at the end of the Stellarium webinar. What they are, if I had used them, and how to stop them.

I explained they are sequences. We can make Stellarium do a series of actions automatically and I had used them in the past during astronomy presentations to automate activity in the application while I spoke over the steps. It's been a while but it was very much like programming. (I didn't say it at the time but they are like macros in spreadsheets. The Stellarium script language reminds me a bit of JavaScript.)

He correctly noted there are built in scripts, ready to go. See the Configuration menu (F2) and the Scripts tab. Quite a few actually, such as the analemma. Or triple shadow instances on Jupiter past and future (Ctrl d, then m, then 1).

I started to show my keyboard shortcut list but remembered that I had specifically not included the scripting ones.

Here they are:

  • run or start a script: Ctrl d then the assigned letter code(s)
  • pause a running script: Ctrl d then p
  • resume script execution: Ctrl d, r
  • stop a script: Ctrl d, s
  • show the script console window: F12

Note 1: For the Ctrl d keypress, do the usual process, i.e. hold Ctrl and tap d. Then, for the subsequent steps, let go of the Ctrl and tap the letters or numbers required.

Note 2: Keyboard shortcuts for starting a macro are defined by the script developer. Not all scripts have shortcuts assigned.

Maybe I should include these in my next shortcut update...

During the webinar Q&A, I also showed the built-in shortcut list in the tool, emphasising F1, the only key you need to memorise.


Scripts files or SSC files (on Windows) are in the Program Files folder, the Stellarium app folder, and the Scripts subfolder.

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