Thursday, August 20, 2020

as I locked up (Bradford)

Woke up in the middle of a bizarre COVID-induced or maybe wine-induced nightmare about my garden shed. Then I remembered I had forgotten to close the shed.

Wow. Very clear skies! Mars was glowing orange high up. The Great Square was south well above the trees. 

It flickered through my sleepy brain the thought: do I stay up and get out a telescope.


Put away the mower and quietly locked up. As I locked up, I looked up...

No creepy screaming red fox tonight.

As I turned around to head back to my warm bed, I saw the Pleiades and Auriga above the hedge. Good news and bad news. Winter's coming. 

Then looking toward zenith I saw a northbound meteor immediately followed by a southbound meteor. The second was a Perseid. Boom boom. Two in one minute.

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