Wednesday, January 01, 2020

saw Moon, Venus, stars (Bradford)

First observation for 2020. Clear!

During a brief walk, I noted the crescent Moon fairly high up and bright Venus in the south-west. Saw an orange star and tried to tag the rest of Orion. Oops. Found the belt stars much lower; so that was Aldebaran. After that reset I spotted Betelgeuse and Rigel and the three belt stars. Betelgeuse was indeed much dimmer than Rigel. To the north-west, I could see two stars of the Summer Triangle; but not Altair. Put my specs on and tried to tag some naked eye stars up and left of the Moon, particular 30 and 33 Piscium.

On the way back, I spotted fingers of clouds. They might scupper my attempts later...


As of 7:30 PM, Clear Outside is saying it will be clear around 8...

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