Wednesday, January 29, 2020

readied to image

A couple of days ago people started talking about the clear skies expected on Wednesday night. All my weather indicators echoed this, including the new Rainmeter weather widget.

I started working a plan. Not in the mood for double stars, I settled on photography. I'd try to capture the Orion constellation. I would be able to get more experience with the barn door tracker. I'd be able to measure (to a degree) the brightness of Betelgeuse.

Happily, I resurrected SkyTools 3 on the John Max computer. It looked like I'd be able to get Orion, plus other stuff, with the kit lens zoomed wide. If I was lucky, Sirius in one corner, and Pleaides kitty-corner.

Sunlight stretched across the snow in the backyard as I ground my coffee beans this morning. That was a good sign. But later Chris V said clouds would move in. And I saw the Clear Outside site reflected this, conditions turning around midnight. No worries. I readied to head out after dinner.

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