Friday, August 16, 2019

looked for gamma Her D

Did a deep dive into gamma Her. Strangeness ensues...

My BGO image, annotated. SkyTools 3 Professional says that GSC 01513-0543 is a magnitude 13.5 star (but notes the data quality is poor). Similarly, GSC 0513-0424 is 10.7 with suspect data. ST3P agree on the B star, around magnitude 10. Everything else just seems so much dimmer. The planning tool says C is mag 12.2 but the WDS says 13.3. It seems all the faint stars are in the 13 range...

From Aladin, the DDS2 colour image. B and D are completed washed out. C is there though, just above the diffraction spike.

From Aladin again, the 2MASS colour image. Watch out for artefacts. The "stars" going up, vertical, above the primary, are false stars. B is obvious. C, super dim.

The "allWISE" infrared image. B is obvious. C, super dim.

The scaled representation from the Excel spreadsheet plotter tool, using the WDS data, directly and indirectly.

I checked the SDSS2 image in Aladin as well.

I just don't see D in any of the images. While WDS quotes it at 8.1 brightness, it looks to be lost in the overwhelming glare of A.

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