Tuesday, August 20, 2019

delivered sky show at the DDO

Helped Ron at the final RASC session during the Western Space Camp. I delivered a Stellarium presentation in the David Dunlap Observatory Skylab for the kids.

Before anyone arrived I tidied up the bin for the Skylab equipment. Hopefully this will make for less confusion for the other presenters.

I showed the "pretend" sky at the time and later through the evening. We talked about planets and stars, their favourite asterisms. We talked a bit about constellations and Greek mythology. The Milky Way emerged later in the evening. Only a couple in each group had seen it. Pushed to sunrise. Then I had them fasten their seat belts and we flew to the Sun so to get a good look at the Earth spinning like a top. I tried to show the view from the Solar System Observer point but I couldn't get it to work right. It was sort of OK from Earth.

After the computer sky simulation, I showed how to use our RASC Starfinder. They look forward to getting those.

Lots of energy, enthusiasm, and questions! Fun!

After, Ron and I did some testin' and learnin' in the dome.


Figured out the issue with Stellarium...

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