Saturday, August 17, 2019

helped at DDO family night (Richmond Hill)

Rhonda and I helped at the David Dunlap Observatory. She ran the crafts room and I flew the 74-inch telescope and did the downstairs and upstairs talks. Aimed at Rasalgethi for our prime target. A lovely gem-like pair. I was assisted by Chris V and Rick Z in the dome. We shook down things on the MallinCam. It's working really well. Did some testing of the ArgoNavis.

Lots of enthusiasm, lots of great kids with great questions. Later in the evening, for members only viewing, we went to M92 and the Spindle galaxy. I had never seen the telescope oriented that way, to the north-west. Neat. Celia was in charge once again for the evening. Lots of thumbs up from our happy customers. The weather turned out beautiful, clear skies amazingly.

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