Sunday, May 05, 2019

worked at the work party

Helped at the CAO spring work party.

I ran the IT team and we focused on our computer and network technology. Assisted a member with their new webcam setup. Set up the new SLO computer with a UPS. Installed the UPS monitor software on a couple of computers. Collected data on all the UPS batteries on the site (and we have quite a few). Rebooted the new GBO computer after a severe crash then installed MS Office software. Verified it has a classic serial port and was connected to the telescope mount. Deployed a donated computer in the dining room. It is running Linux. It'll be interesting to see how people like that! Repaired the laser printer output tray to only take the printer offline... Ugh. Tried wrangling the weather/SQM server. Not sure if its a bad hard disk or mobo.

rat's nest in the super closet

Deployed a new WAP in the GBO offering class N service. Swapped the router-acting-as-a-bridge in the garage. Tried changing the main router without success. Took PING tests through the weekend. Maintained the Davis weather station, changing the special battery in the instrumentation box and replacing the solar panel. Moved the sensor suite from the garage to the house. Inspected the SQM and UW sky monitoring systems. Started testing of a webcam for a close-up monitoring function in a dark space. During the work party, helped field various questions to the best of my ability.

When a council member made a comment about me sitting around all day, I let him have it.

There were a bunch of things I didn't get to. There's a lot on my plate right now...

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