Wednesday, May 15, 2019

monthly doubles for May 2019

Sent out my double star "bulletin" for May 2019. It is a short list of suggested targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forums. And I post here for all.


Whoop. Snuck up on me, this impending full Moon. :-( Rather than mope, check out double stars! :-) Double and multi-star targets you can observe them any time, anywhere, regardless of light pollution.

Here's a selection of doubles I find interesting and impressive. Targets for May:

staralso known asalternate catalogue(s)
HD 112733 CVnΣ (Struve) 1702HIP 63317
24 ComSTF (Struve) 1657SAO 100160, HIP 61418
35 ComΣ1687SAO 82550, HIP 62886
δ (delta) CrvAlgorab, SHJ 145SAO 157323, HIP 60965
HD 111398 VirENG 49SAO 100279, HIP 62536

Why don't you add these to your observing list and have some fun! I look forward to hearing how you make out. Any questions?

Blake Nancarrow
astronomy at computer-ease dot com

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