Sunday, May 05, 2019

love the camp fire (Bradford)

First camp fire of the year!

Enjoyed the good skies overhead while the flames flickered below. With the bats, bunnies, and rho. While sampling Midnight Lager from Side Launch. Leo a'leaping, Gemini (with Pollux and Castor) in the trees, Bo├Âtes (with Arcturus), The Big Dipper, Cor Caroli, Virgo (with Spica), Corvus, Vega flickering through the trees... Leo Minor was up there somewhere above Leo. Crater, the chalice, was somewhere to the right of The Crow.

Later, standing, looking north, the Little Dipper. I knew Serpens and Ophiuchus would be rising.

Quiet. Not a bug. Warm. For a change.

We checked the Moon phase on our phones. Just after New.


Rhonda asked me the name of the somewhat bright star beside Arcturus. I couldn't remember. I looked it up in TheSkyX: Muphrid.

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