Monday, March 18, 2019

connected insulated power line

Continued work on the custom dew heating strap element.

Knowing it's difficult to solder nichrome, I cut down a small bolt. Then attached a lead power wire to the far end of the nichrome element by nut and bolt. It's just visible at the far left.

lead wire bolted to nichrome at left end

I fed the heater element through rubber tube again and readied for a test.

It worked! Fantastic. Very happy.

So to connect to a dew heater controller, I considered the feed wire. In one of my "wires" bins, found mic wire, with 4 leads, and a very flexible jacket. Grabbed a male RCA, with big opening on the strain relief, white again, not that the colour matters.

Got an idea. Make the plastic strip longer, put screw holes in the end, for mounting points, for attachment crimp points, and the power lead connections. That's for version 1.1!

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