Monday, March 11, 2019

Binary Universe: more than just a clock

Saw a Facebook post which meant the April 2019 edition of the RASC Journal was out.

cover of the Apr 2019 edition of the Journal
Adrian made the Journal, page 2, with a fantastic hydrogen-alpha image. There's a lengthy article on radio astronomy at Queen's University, with a reference to the ARO, that looks very interesting. This ties in nicely with Erik Rosolowsky's piece on Fast Radio Bursts. John Percy has an intriguing article on pseudoastronomy that I will devour.

In my Binary Universe column, I return to the Android app Astro Clock Widget. I briefly mentioned in a past article when discussing apps that show sidereal time. But I wanted to share Astro Clock's many other interesting features including rise and set times for all the planets, the Sun, and the Moon, mini-display of the sky, and alerts of course.

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