Monday, February 18, 2019

tested LED dimmer again

Tried LED dimmer again, with my little custom Telrad heater with resistors. Heat came out! Whiskey tango foxtrot, I thought this thing didn't work?! Carefully measured the amperage with the (repaired) Micronta multi-meter: 0.11A. Huh.


Tried the other heat sources...

Big heating pad: 1.6A.
Kendrick 8" heating strap: 1.0A.
Hacked Heatech cup warmer: 700 mA.

Look at that.


Tested the Kendrick 2" strap with the Micronta audible continuity resistance setting... and was able to get a tone when I bent the strap a particularly way. It has a broken wire!


I don't know what happened... I don't remember now. But it seems that in late-January I was doing lots of little tests and checks and I had a malfunctioning multi-meter as well as an erratic dew strap. Looking back, the cheapo LED dimmer had worked fine.

My theory is that the dew strap itself was not working (hadn't been since early January) and it didn't draw any power from the dimmer circuit so I assumed the LED dimmer was bad.


I need to make some good dew straps. I have lots of nichrome wire...

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