Monday, February 18, 2019

monthly doubles for Feb 2019

Issued my double star "bulletin" for February 2019. It is a short list of suggested targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forums. And I post here for all.


Hi there, hi.

If it isn’t cloudy and grey, it is bitterly cloud, it seems. Such that it is, here are some double and multi-star targets for your consideration for February.

staralso known asalternate catalogue 
φ (phi) AurBUP 79SAO 58051
11-12 Cam-SAO 25001
HR 2879 GemSTF (Struve) 1108SAO 79489
ζ (zeta) GemMekbuda or SHJ 77SAO 79031
HD 34071 LepGAL 378SAO 150258

Remember double stars work in the city as well as in dark skies. I look forward to hearing how you did! Any questions?

Blake Nancarrow
astronomy at computer-ease dot com

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