Monday, January 21, 2019

watched the eclipse (Bradford)

10:47 PM. Checked the Moon. There was a bite out of it. Bright stars. Bitterly cold air. Too extreme for a camp fire. I was too lazy to program the camera. It was -30 to -35°C with the wind chill...

Windows desktop during eclipse

I simulated it in Stellarium and watched it online...

The TimeAndDate web site was wonky when I tried to access it directly. Later though I found the interactive graphic. It was good.

11:36. Rhonda said it looked like an eyeball with a contact lens.

11:47. Totality! Dark on the ground, very little reflected light now. Just a light glow on the top edge of the Moon.

The internet trolls in the chat feeds were super-annoying!

12:15 AM. One last check. Whoa. Dim. Not red. A dull orange colour. I said, "Orange lollipop." "Creamsicle," Rhonda said.

eclipsed Moon from California

The imagery from the Griffith Observatory was quite good. Bang on with the colour.

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