Saturday, January 05, 2019

tested no-name dimmer

Tested the cheapo dimmer controller I bought off eBay a long time ago... Friday night the dew strap on the camera did not seem to be working. I hadn't felt any heat of it. Tested it on the bench. Nothing!

Checked for volts coming out of the controller. Except when dialled down to zero, it showed over 12 volts DC. OK. After reviewing my notes, tried the little logic probe from Dietmar. It was showing pulses... at certain positions. A good sign. But nothing from 0 to about 10%. And nothing above 75%. Weird.

Put the Kendrick 2" eyepiece dew strap on the Kendrick controller. It immediately warmed at the low setting. Of course. Whew.

Then, out of curiosity, tried the old Micronta logic probe on the Kendrick. And just couldn't figure out what was going on! Anyhoo. The strap is fine. The Kendrick controller is fine. I'll have to do a deeper dive into the no-name controller.


Didn't know this at time but the 2" dew heater had a break in the wire 'causing it to not work at times. I believe during the dimmer test, the circuit was open, while during the Kendrick test, the strap wiring conducted...


In late-January, I found a blown fuse in the multi-meter. Possibly the fuse was dead during these tests giving me false readings.

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