Friday, January 11, 2019

checked controller prices

Window shopping... Dew removal controllers. All these units provide power output to dew heater straps or wraps using the pulse-width modulation (PWM) technique.

model outputs notes price
Kendrick Micro-D 1 Also supports camera power. CDN $156
Kendrick Standard Dual 4 Two separate controls. CDN $149
Orion Dew Zapper 4 Four controls! USD $150
Astrozap 4 Two controls. USD $105
PegasusAstro Dual 2 Two controls. Euro $99
Revelation Pro Dual 4 Two controls. Euro $90
Dew-Not Dual 4 Two controls. Green LED! USD $135

To name a few...

"Basic" units allow the level of heat produced to be set by manual adjustment. Some have additional features like low-voltage warnings or cut-offs, reverse-polarity protection, etc.

Kendrick and DewBuster and others also offer "advanced" units that accept temperature and humidity inputs so to automatically modulate power output. Set it and forget it. Some offer additional features like remote computer control, profiles, more power outputs, etc. Not surprisingly, the prices jump. Double or triple... Plus you need the sensors. Ka-ching.

I could build a basic unit for a quarter to a third of the price. Maybe less given the parts and bits and bobs that I have.

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