Friday, December 07, 2018

captured colour data for STT 54 (Halifax)

The BGO imaged multi-star system Otto Struve 54 in Cam (aiming to GSC 04074 00075). Seeing was poor but I was after the colours...

The idea of STT 54 aka HD 21476 came from reviewing Haas's double star book. Her colour descriptions were intriguing. I get "pure white." But what's "bluish khaki?"

multi-star system STT 54 in colour

L 1x12 RGB 3x12 each. FITS Liberator, Photoshop. North is up; east is left.

STT 54 is the triad to the north, near the top of the image. A, the brighter of the close pair, is clearly white. The slightly dimmer partner to the north is... bluish. Yes, blue. It's a triple. Dim C is to the east-south-east. It's white or grey.

When I hear khaki in the context of colour, I think light brown. I have khaki style pants that come in all kinds of colours. The blue ones are dark. I checked artist Ingrid Sundberg's Color Thesaurus. I don't see "khaki" there. I might use "sky" or "sapphire" for the B star's colour.

The other stars in the field are very interesting. To the west, the solo dark orange ember. That's SAO 12785 with a B-V of 1.80.

The triangle to the south is made up of HD 21477 to the west, a K0 star, with a B-V of 1.27; SAO 12795 at the apex, B-V 1.83; and along the eastern shore PPM 14345, B-V 1.75.


Readjusted things a bit. I didn't like how dark the first result was. And I was a tad enthusiastic on the saturation.

multi-star system STT 54 in colour less intense

A little better. I like that more field stars show.

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