Saturday, October 27, 2018

reviewed CTC suggestion

I heard back from Canadian Tire Customer Relations yesterday. I had resubmitted my query (from May) about a replacement battery for the Sealake FM12330 inside the Nautilus power tank.

Their direct remark:
Thank you for your further correspondence on your battery inquiry.

We reviewed the response sent to you on May 9, 2018.  We had forwarded our buyer's response to your exact inquiry.  He detailed what battery we stock could work but suggested you bring your old battery and power pack to the store to insure an exact fit.  It was also suggested that if the battery did not fit that the next best option was to search online.

The buying [SIC] further indicated that they are considering adding replacement batteries to our assortment and future models for this product line to be more accessible for replacement.

We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to respond.
The buyer response:
Our 010-2051 battery may fit as a replacement.  I say may because, sometimes, even the slightest variance between batteries (1-2 mm L or W or H, or slightly different position of terminals, or some other obstruction like a vent cap, etc.) can make all the difference.  I suggest the customer take his old battery AND power pack with him to the store to ensure the 010-2051 will fit perfectly before he buys it.

If our 010-2051 battery does not work, the customer may search online of other options – essentially he's looking for a Group Size U1 SLA battery.  They go for around $100-130 (which is why most people don't bother repairing when you can buy an entirely new power pack for about $150-200 on sale).  I have included specs of the original battery in the Nautilus power pack for his reference.

We are considering adding replacement batteries to our assortment.  In our future models, we are looking at making the batteries more user-accessible for easier replacement.
I reviewed the CTC 010-2051 battery details. I note differences and particular items here...
  • it is an AGM sealed lead acid battery but I don't think it is specifically a deep cycle so, even if it fits, I'm not sure it will work per se
  • it is rated at 32 Ah vs 33
  • its size 184 x 130 x 152 mm thus smaller in width and height but... I do not yet know if the measures include height of posts/terminals
  • the terminal posts are different, thicker than the thin ones on the Sealake
  • it is heavier by 1.5 kilos than the Sealake (maybe it is a deep discharge...)
  • I do not know the terminal orientation...
I'll take the old Sealake into my local to do a head-to-head comparison of size and terminal orientation.


Forgot to provide a link to the battery product page at CTC...


Looks like someone from Canadian Tire responded (on 9 Nov) to my question! The height of the battery INCLUDES the height of the terminals. This again suggests this battery would fit inside the case... I still plan to do a visual comparison though.

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David said...

So did you eventually find a replacement battery for your Nautilus 800a?

I read some of your earlier posts on this topic, having found your blog because I too had opened mine up today and then did a search on the battery. The negative terminal on mine was completely corroded - it actually snapped off and the leads are fused to it.

I bought mine in Aug 2012 iirc, when it was on deep discount. I managed to get mine to last reliably for five years with another year of so-so performance. I was rather annoyed when I headed into a Canadian Tire in search of a replacement last year only to find out they didn't carry any - it seems so wasteful with its compressor and inverter and such.

With hindsight, buying just a straight deep-cycle marine battery might have been a better option, then building a custom case for it. I'm actually considering pulling the components off the Nautilus and doing just that.