Wednesday, October 10, 2018

delivered BGO talk

Delivered my presentation on using the robotic Burke-Gaffney Observatory. I think the delivery went fairly well and people seemed to enjoy it.

I made a quick information page on the RASC Toronto Centre web site. Many hyperlinks are provided. I also shared a PDF download file with general information.

The rough copy of the video streamed during the evening is available on our YouTube channel. My talk starts at the 1 hour 23 minute mark and continues to 2:10.

I was very pleased to learn that Dave Lane was on the line, in the chat room, during my presentation. Keeping me honest.

I grabbed the log:

Claudio Oriani: Hi everyone
Eric Briggs: Hi Claudio
Ward LeGrow: hey Claudio
Charles Darrow: hi Claudio
WLG: that was a picture of [a Terminator robot from the James Cameron movie]... in case you were wondering. sorry.. we werent quick enough. ;)
EB: Woo @Smubgobs
EB: Nice shirt too
Astro_yyz: it's very simple to use - and very satisfying when you see the image you requested - many thanks to Dave Lane for setting it up

Dave Lane: (that would be me)
CD: I know that Dave Lane
Astro_yyz: 👏 @Dave Lane
WLG: I will have to try it out! :)
CD: I have a TESS account
WLG: thanks Dave
EB: I've used it before, but in my secret @Dunlap_Obs identity
Astro_yyz: @Ward LeGrow it's fun 😃 No frustrating imaging issues either. Just a few simple steps to get set up
EB: I think @smubgobs was offline for a while this summer because summer
WLG: sounds great!
DL: It was off line only because the #human was away on vacation. Only down when I am not within 100km in case of bad weather.
Astro_yyz: It was cool at the last GA in Calgary. I was showing it to Nicole and Cathy Carr - sent instructions/received confirmation from robot live to my phone, showed them the image later
DL: The #human is working on the Facebook issue. It's open season on app developers these days.
WLG: no doubt.
EB: How about Instagram? Facebook is a bit old-timey.
DL: Instagram, will not let app developers post images/messages! You can read/view messages but not post!!! So it is out of the question until they open up the API.
Astro_yyz: got to scoot - have a great evening all
WLG: tks. you too Katrina!
EB: @smubgobs confirmed the new supernova 2015ai at and during the RASC General Assembly in Halifax in 2015
DL: One new observer - welcome David Quinn
WLG: I will be signing up!
EB: Is the system of astronomical telegrams still relatively solid? I know the supernova naming convention has been changed to deal with the asymptotic curve
DL: ARO has been open to RASC for a while. It is a C14 [telescope].
EB: Geometric curve, maybe I should say. Anyways I think the business model for the astronomical telegrams from Harvard has been facing rapid changes due to technology.
DL: and its a C14!
Ward LeGrow: oh.. thanks. missed that. thanks!
DL: About 120 nights per year of some data. Basic [user] is 3 [jobs in the queue max.]
WLG: thanks also for that too
DL: Calibrations are done automatically. Updated periodically automatically. The subframes all exist - just not on the website.
WLG: wow.. wish you were here!
DL: Fantastic talk

Benoit Brame: Thank you !


It was fun sharing information about BGO. I think a bunch of people will try it.


The final cut is online in the RASC Toronto Centre YouTube channel. It includes reference to other robots which I have no idea how it got into my presentation... ;-)

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