Monday, July 03, 2017

we did a few tasks

Did some chores and tasks at the CAO during my tour of duty.

Reported on the road conditions. The town had dropped fresh new fine gravel all the way to the service demarcation point. The grader had clearly come down the rest of the way. It was fair on the 18th Side Road but we could use some new gravel too.

Tested the house and observatory security systems. All was nominal.

Watered the hummingbirds.

Added some additional labels to the Blade Runner walk-behind mower. Attached the discharge chute to mulch plug so to avoid loss in the future.

Investigated the propane tank adapters for the new/used 'cue. Reported my observations.

Tested the Davis weather station console physical interface to the server computer. Currently we use the USB type adapter in the console with the stock cable which restricts where we may place the tethered computer. As we wish to relocate the server but keep the console in its existing spot, we need to know our options. The expensive route is to ditch the USB adapter and buy the serial. But it occurred to me that a USB extension cable may work. We have a USB-ethernet kit already at the CAO (USB 1.0 mind you). I tested it and it immediately failed. I had brought my personal 2.0 kit and it appeared to work.

While working on the Davis system, I tried to sort the historical images problem. It looks like the graphical chart images have not uploaded to the server for many months. The date stamps show from November. I initially assumed there was a problem with the upload but when I checked the web server, I found the historical files with time stamps a little after the scheduled process time of 1:03 AM. Weird. That suggested the upload routine is fine but perhaps the wrong files are being sent. More work is needed here.

And while working on the server I noticed some other odd things so I changed the password to limit access and begin deeper analyses.

Rhonda helped me with power washing the back steps. This touch-up should allow Tony to proceed with this finishing steps and staining.

I investigated the network problem in MODL 5. When I opened the west junction box, I found a very poorly done ethernet 8-wire jack. I could see the wires were misaligned (as the wire-holding insert had not been used), the teeth of the plug leads were not biting, and the strain-relief had not been installed. I thought this the root cause. Checked the wiring format at the other termini and found that 568A had been used at the pier. I cut the bad plug and properly installed a new one. Sadly, tests in the MODL (5) failed. Asked Ian D if I could test for a good LAN connection in his MODL (1) and did not get access. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Headed upstream to the GBO and found the ethernet switch show a good signal on the input side and a good signal downstream to the MODL switch. Curiously, the GBO router was not showing. And my netbook would not connect! What the hell is going on? I wondered. I took the GBO router offline. I rebooted John Repeat Dance. The netbook started working fine. I tested the LAN cable from Denis's collection and the one I had grabbed from our on-site parts bin. I headed to the junction and got a good connection. Headed to MODL 5 and connected to the pier. The computer tried to get an IP but failed. I connected to the port Denis had installed on the wall. Nothing. I disconnected all his cables and his mysterious TP-LINK box and once again rebooted the ASUS computer. I had a good LAN link at the junction box. I also could connect at Ian's. I buttoned everything up. I was irked at not being able to resolve the matter. But I think I need more information from Denis on how he wired things up and what the TP-LINK is doing exactly. I'd really like to verify a clean cable to the lot specifically. Frustrating.

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