Wednesday, July 26, 2017

my doubles journey

Thought I'd review my double stars milestones. It's been a fascinating journey...


first documented double star log entry 30 Jun


first documented view of the Trapezium 27 Dec


learned that a 6-inch 'scope can split below 1 arc-second 22 Dec


selected some doubles from Skyguide book 24 Jun
made multi-star checklist using various sources 29 Jun
noted colours in Mizar/Alcor 4 Aug
logged a few more doubles 20 Aug
created life lists including doubles 24 Aug
developed criteria to extract doubles 29 Aug


received double stars for small telescopes book by Sissy Haas 8 Jan
used 500 power to view epsilon Lyrae 8 Sep
viewed Albireo in 74" telescope 29 Sep
viewed various double stars 2 Nov
might have spotted Rigel B 2 Nov


split Porrima, approx. 1.0 arc-seconds 25 May
decided to measure double stars 29 Dec
asked for calibrated eyepiece reviews 30 Dec


delivered first The Sky This Month (with doubles) 5 Feb
reported error in Sky & Telescope winter list 11 Feb
learned PA and sep 24 Feb
Mortfield imaged Meissa with SN rig 10 Mar
reported error in S&T summer list 6 May
reached out to Spirit of 33 group 19 May
received Celestron Micro Guide 23 May
borrowed Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars (1st) 24 May
measured Porrima with CMG (using casual method) 5 Jun
learned to Barlow with CMG 17 Jun
measured Porrima with CMG (using Celestron method) 22 Jun
double star work with CMG 1 Aug
viewed 20 pairs 3 Aug
closed in on 100 split stars 6 Aug
practiced measuring (with Teague method) 9 Aug


refined measuring notes (with Teague method) 19 Feb
joined binary stars (JDSO) Yahoo!Group 19 Feb
joined S33 Yahoo!Group 19 Feb
practiced measuring (with Teague method) 20 Feb
began reading the Journal of Double Star Observers 21 Feb
passed 100 split stars 27 Feb
received feedback from Teague 8 Mar
ordered Cambridge Double Star Atlas book 9 May
learned Washington Double Star database 31 May
downloaded neglected WDS list 23 Aug
broke 1.0 arc-second barrier 28 Aug
wrote article on JDSO for SCOPE 26 Nov


imaged Castor with StellaCam 17 Jan
reported errors in RASC Observer's Handbook 2011 12 Feb
learned of Star Splitters group 26 Mar
downloaded REDUC software 18 Jun
split ξ Scorpii AB at 1.01" 30 Jul
reviewed Mollise JDSO article on imaging 21 Aug
downloaded BinStar 23 Aug
sketched eta Per 10 Oct
viewed doubles with Millie 23 Oct
learned double star designations 24 Oct
passed 200 split stars 25 Oct
reported errors in RASC Observer's Handbook 2012 13 Nov
made RASC double star lists for SkyTools 19 Nov


tested BinStar 5 Feb
refined kappa Her sep and PA measurements 6 Feb
tested Tracker software 10 Feb
made new workflow checklist for double star measurement 10 Feb
attempted measurement of Castor with SKYnyx 19 Mar
reduced Castor data 20 Mar
downloaded REDUC software 30 Mar
split zeta Boo at 0.5" ? Mar
passed 250 split stars 9 Apr
offered to help Sissy Haas 2 Aug
viewed doubles for Haas 24 Aug
reviewed Objects in the Heavens book for doubles 2 Sep
imaged Albireo with C14 and 40D 12 Oct
reviewed Berkó JDSO articles on imaging 16 Dec


reached out to Ernõ Berkó 3 Apr
reviewed Ed's double star presentation 3 May
reviewed things needed for double star research 16 May
imaged 41 Dra with C8 and 40D 21 Jun
reduced 41 Dra data 23 Jun
tested RecToPol software 23 Jun
attended Cotterell's double star talk 9 Aug
hatched double star certificate idea 16 Oct


reported errors in RASC Observer's Handbook 2014 18 Jan
received Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars (2nd) 5 Mar
made CDSA showpieces list for SkyTools 1 May
compiled first release of double star candidates 19 May
reviewed JDSO articles on new discoveries 19 May
imaged Porrima with C14 and 40D 30 May
imaged 59 Ser with C14 and 40D 5 Jul
assisted Beckett on RASC OH 2015 doubles matter 19 Jul
asked for help with doubles project in Toronto 27 Jul
split zeta Her at last at 1.2" 9 Aug
split HD 206081 at 0.9" 9 Aug
imaged doubles in Draco with C14 and 40D 10 Aug
passed 400 split stars 16 Aug
recorded Cotterell's double star talk 22 Aug
asked for help with doubles project in Canada 14 Nov


passed 500 split stars 21 May
imaged Rasalgethi with C14 and 40D 15 Jul
built double star project web site 7 Oct
referred to in RASC OH 2016 by Brian Mason 12 Oct
built double star list for SkySafari 15 Oct


make naked eye doubles list for SkyTools 6 Feb
passed 700 split stars 23 Apr
imaged double star with BGO 24 and Apogee 27 Apr
made WDS converting spreadsheet 16 May
split Diadem at 0.4" 25 Jun
tried to image J2303 with C14 and 40D 11 Jul
passed 800 split stars 22 Aug
split Ascella at 0.6" 3 Sep
imaged doubles with C14 and 40D 4 Sep


upgraded REDUC software 2 Mar
sold double star image to S&T magazine 21 Apr
added filtering to life list 3 May
made binary fast-movers list by month 6 May
developed Excel chart to plot PA 17 May
eta CrB at 0.5" 15 Jul
imaged SLE 235D with C14 and 40D 19 Jul
passed 1000 split stars 19 Jul



Part 2 blogged on 2 Mar '22.

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