Sunday, July 30, 2017

odd one (Bradford)

Another meteor. Short and fast, through Cygnus, brightening at the end. Odd one, going south-east.

Earlier I spotted a bright satellite in the east moving north. As I called it out to rho, it started fading. Might have been an Iridium. It went through a little triangle of stars. Later I realised this was part of Pegasus. It went near Scheat.


Rhonda spotted an alert on her iPad from Meteor Shower Calendar. She investigated. From the table, she noted the alpha Capricornids and Aquarid showers were active. We had seen a meteor from Cap based on the angle at the time.

But she also saw an entry for the beta Cassiopeids: 10 per hour, 52 km/s, and mag 2.0. Peaking July 30. Nicely matched the odd meteor we had seen at 11:24. I did not know about them! Huh!

I found some more info at Universe Guide.

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