Sunday, February 01, 2015

finished the tracker

Finished the barn door tracker. After a number of set-backs.

Ending up cutting the metal part out of the blind well nut. It fit tightly in the big gear. Damn. Locked it in place with the grub screw. Put a small metal washer underneath.

Attached the ball head with the recently acquired bolt.

Was ready for a test run. Connected the control panel. It worked!

Powered it off. Didn't shut off. Oh yeah, I was on the wrong (or a bad) post of the switch. No worries. I had to expand the screw holes. Grabbed a 5/32" bit. Moved a power connector to the other pole. Had to rotate the power switch to avoid interference. Screwed the cover on tightly. Tested the power switch. It worked!

Re-marked the big gear. Suddenly I couldn't remember the speed to calibrate it at. Checked the notes. Right. One RPM.

There are a few loose ends. I need to countersink a hole on the underside of the base for the curved rod to reduce binding. I need to tighten the grub screw on the motor gear. Find a couple of nylon washers for under the main gear. Oh yes, and mount the finder scope. I need to sand, treat/finish the wood. And get out the Velcro so to suspend the control box to the tripod.

And. Now. I need clear skies!

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