Sunday, February 22, 2015

corrected GRS in Stellarium 13.2

Chris asked me to look into the Great Red Spot positioning in Stellarium. He thought it off again. After a lot of fiddling in Windows 8.1 with Stellarium 0.13.2, I settled on a rot_rotation_offset of 90.


JUPOS showed the GRS around longitude 222 or 223°. I updated my SkyTools 3 Pro to 223. It showed the GRS transiting around 11:50 PM tonight.

Sky and Telescope's online calculator (in the interactive tools area) said the GRS would transit around 11:35 PM tonight. I wondered how current this data was.

I found Stellarium set to 310.

In version 0.12.4, I found I had to use the value 280... Weird.

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