Wednesday, February 25, 2015

delivered TSTM

Delivered my The Sky This Month presentation at the Ontario Science Centre for RASC members. For the balance of February and most of March 2015. Provided a photocopy of my special calendar. 100 copies made.

Photo by my buddy Nicole.

Highlights include:

25 - Lunar X
28 - Handle on Moon
    - lambda Gem occultation
13 - Moon, Saturn, Antares (am)
20 - new Moon
    - very young Moon?
    - start marathon?
    - zodiacal light and Gegenschein
21 - Moon near Venus
22 - day-time Venus
24 - Moon in Hyades

and Jupiter "events" galore!


Posted the calendar, notes, infographics, and photographs on the RASC Toronto Centre web site.


Updated my archival presentation page over at the companion.

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