Saturday, December 13, 2014

project box completed

Made more progress on the barn door tracker.

Yesterday, after work, visited The Gorilla. Active on Queen. Headed straight to the far aisles. Found some nice single pole switches. I chose another one with a red switch, a bit larger this time, and with I/O markings. Oooh. Noticed aircraft switch covers, in different colours! A future project perhaps... Stumbled across the female CLA box so I grabbed one of those. For a future 12 volt cord extension... Then headed to the wire section. Picked up 2 metres of microphone wire. For the barn door motor.

After the noise-ban was lifted, I started work.

Soldered up about half the length of the mic wire between the motor and the RCA plug. Tested. Works!

Borrowed Will's hacksaw to cut down the debugged PCB to fit in the project box base. Drilled the four holes to mount to the case. But did not yet have the mounting screws...

Made all the openings for the controls in the clear cover of the project box. Mounted the controls. I will need some very short bolts for the N-S switch and RCA jack...

Wandering drill bits aside, I was very happy.

All I needed was screws for mounting the PCB and a few more very small bolts for the switches...

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